"Smart Growth" and "New Urbanism" Compared with "Large Lot Zoning" (Tom Lane) [ Home Page – Click Here]

(May 17, 2017) – Traditional "Large Lot Zoning" is "Greener" than "Smart Growth" within Urban Growth Boundaries . . . Copyright 2009 – 2017 . . . Tom Lane . . . Photographing California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Smart Growth Survey #1

Most residents of a suburb of LaCrosse, Wisconson (Mormon Coulee /Town of Shelby) were opposed to Smart Growth Principles.  You can take this Visual Preference Survey here, and view the results from the residents (PDF):


Below, just the opposite of a survey.  These are marketing brochures for the master planned Smart Growth community entitled “Issaquah Highlands,” near Seattle, Washington (USA).

Marketing brochures from the Issaquah Highlands Smart Growth Master Planned Community near Seattle, Washington.

2 comments on “Smart Growth Survey #1

  1. Nelessen, Anton

    Do you realize that you used the words Visual Preference Survey which is a copywrite and trademark of A. Nelessen Associates/. Also I found it interesting that you used one of our constructed images in your visual preference survey without our permission,

    The results look like more sprawl with trees. This place is in trouble.

    • Tom Lane

      Mr. Nelessen,

      There is no indication on the Visual Preference Survey that it’s been copyrighted and trademarked by any entity, either from your company (A. Nelessen Associates), Rutgers University in New York, or the towns of Mormon Coulee / Town of Shelby / La Crosse, Wisconsin.

      This web site, http://smartgrowtusa.wordpress.com, contains many government documents. These government documents, including surveys, are provided to the public domain on City, County, and State web sites, and therefore are not subject to copyright laws. All material is provided with their web site, along with the date they were accessed from the world wide web (which is standard procedure when citing on-line material).

      Furthermore, I did not use any “constructed images” on the .PDF survey which appears on the City’s web site. The .PDF survey has not been modified, and appears exactly as it appears on the City’s web site.

      Therefore, what specifically is your allegation and/or complaint?

      Thank you.

      Tom Lane

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