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(May 17, 2017) – Traditional "Large Lot Zoning" is "Greener" than "Smart Growth" within Urban Growth Boundaries . . . Copyright 2009 – 2017 . . . Tom Lane . . . Photographing California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Professors Skeptical of Smart Growth and Light Rail

(November 23, 2011, Updated June 22, 2012) These professors are either neutral on smart growth and light rail, or, are critical of the concepts for economic and/or aesthetic reasons. Updated June 16, 2012, as the list continues to expand.

Disclaimer:  I have not personally contacted all of these professors and asked them to endorse the aforementioned statement.  While some of these professors are 100% against smart growth and light rail, others are fair and balanced, and present both sides.

For individuals who are critical of smart growth, yet who do not have a Ph.D., please refer to the right sidebar for lists of commentators, columnists, radio talk show hosts, and researchers at special interest think tanks who are critical of smart growth and light rail.

The University of Washington in Seattle is home to at least two critics of Smart Growth and Urban Growth Boundaries: Dr. Richard Morrill (Dept. of Geography), and Dr. Theo Eicher (Dept. of Economics). Above, the Japanese cherry blossoms on campus in spring.

Additional Opponents of Smart Growth and Light Rail –

These individuals are not necessarily professors, however, they are also against smart growth and light rail, and are also listed on the web page sidebar.

Links to Smart Growth Critics –

Links to Talk Hosts Critical of Land Use Controls

Smart Growth USA Index: Click for Photos and Topics –

This list also appears on the sidebar –

Agenda 21 Agriculture / Horticulture Air Pollution Albuquerque AMREP Southwest Appreciation Arizona Ashland Australia Bellevue Bellevue Square Bend Bernalillo County Bicycling Big Box Stores Bike Accidents Bike Lanes Bike Safety Bike Trails Bill Eager PhD Bill Wattenburg PhD Black Diamond Bob Brinker Bonney Lake Boulder Bountiful Breckenridge Burien Bus Rapid Transit California Carefree Cave Creek Colorado Commuting Corvallis Creative Class Creativity Democrats Density Denver Deschusets County Des Moines DLCD Dubuque Durango Durango CO Duvall Ellensburg Eminent Domain Enatai Enumclaw Eugene Eugene OR ………. Exurbs Fairwood Farmland Preservation Federal Lands Flagstaff Foreclosures Forestry Fort Collins Frank Lloyd Wright GHGs Global Warming Gravelscaping Green Party Guerneville High Valley Hilltop Housing Affordability i-1125 Impact Fee Impact Fees Interactive Maps Issaquah Issaquah Highlands James MacIsaac P.E. Juniper Ridge Kemper Freeman Engineering Studies Kemper Freeman Jr. King County Kirkland Kittitas County La Plata County Comprehensive Plan Las Vegas LDS Temples Leapfrogging Lee County Legacy Parkway Lifestyle Centers Light Rail Manhattan Village Maple Valley Mass Transit May Valley Medford Medina Mirrormont Mixed Use Mountains to Sound Greenway MRCOG Natural Gas Neighborhood Association Newcastle New Mexico News and Commentary New Zealand Normandy Park Oregon Patents Permaculture Philosophy Phoenix Pioneer Square Placitas Politics Portland Public-Private-Space Public Safety Puget Sound Regional Council Queen Creek Ratings RDAs Redevelopment Agencies Richmond Beach Rich vs. Poor Rio Rancho Ron Sims Russian River Salt Lake City Sammamish Sandoval County San Francisco Santa Fe Santa Rosa Scottsdale Seattle Sebastopol Sedona Snoqualmie Solar Sound Transit Sparks Sunset Valley Farms Superstar Cities Talus TGM Tiger Mountain Tim Eyman Todd McKittrick Tom Lane Thesis Transfer of Development Rights Tree Ordinance Tri-Cities Uncategorized Upzoning Urban Growth Boundaries Utah VMTs


3 comments on “Professors Skeptical of Smart Growth and Light Rail

  1. Susie W.

    No development is as inspired as that which is responding to a demand.
    “What is called PLANNING is the forcible supression of millions of people’s plans by a government imposed plan. What is considered to be chaos are systematic interactions whose nature, logic a d consequences are seldom examined by those who simply assume that ‘planning’ by surrogate decision-makers must be better.” THOMAS SOWELL

    Thomas Sowell

  2. j graham

    And oh, is farmland being overtaken by development and Smart Growth? There are new laws in effect to protect farm land in Washington!

    Click to access FRPPfinal.pdf

  3. j graham

    It’s called FRPP

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