"Smart Growth" and "New Urbanism" Compared with "Large Lot Zoning" (Tom Lane) [ Home Page – Click Here]

(May 17, 2017) – Traditional "Large Lot Zoning" is "Greener" than "Smart Growth" within Urban Growth Boundaries . . . Copyright 2009 – 2017 . . . Tom Lane . . . Photographing California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

(December 23, 2011) Editors and Publishers: Please Note Tom Lane / “Smart Growth USA” Web Site Ratings

(December 23, 2011, Tom Lane) Editors and publishers may wish to consider the high ratings of my web site.  I would be glad to publish an article or editorial on “smart growth” or “light rail” in your publication.

Note:  If you believe that UN Agenda 21 is responsible for smart growth, please do not contact me.  I do not share your conspiracy theory views that smart growth is a conspiracy from Agenda 21. Furthermore, while I am a conservative on fiscal issues, private property, and land use issues, I am pro-Israel, and pro-gay rights.  To me, smart growth is really bad design, and its a fad that will go away in a few decades.

Note: This is not a popularity contest, and is not about self-promotion.  Instead, since all bloggers and photographers want to make money, then Editors may wish to consider my high ratings.  They are competitive with those of noted anti-smart growth / anti-light rail WordPress blogger Randal O’Toole, and his blog entitle, “The Antiplanner,” http://ti.org/antiplanner

* For nearly all of calendar year 2011 (January 1, 2011 to December 23, 2011), noted author and speaker Randal O’Toole’s web site reports a total of 23,330 hits from unique ISP’s.

* For this same time, my web site  reports a total of 20,989 readers, from unique ISP’s, nearly tied.

See charts of these ratings from my site (Tom Lane) and The Antiplanner (Randal O’Toole) below.

Photo above: “Leapfrog Commuting” between Salem and Portland, Oregon, due to a failure to expand the Portland UGB, and only three lanes on I-5.  O’Toole is a specialist on Portland’s transportation and smart growth issues, whereas I cover Seattle issues (although we both travel to, but don’t live in these cities).

However, This is Not a Fair Comparison …

Randal O’Toole’s appearance on the Internet through his blog and other writings is legendary, with his extensively researched writings, with extensive bibliographies, and sense of humor.

However, a comparison of WordPress ratings per se is inaccurate.  O’Toole is MUCH more than a blogger.  He is also a prolific author and speaker, with his articles and books appearing on other web sites besides his own blog.  Therefore, his writings have been read by many more people, than his annual 2011 WordPress blog total of 23,330.

Many of us who study affordable housing, myself included, would not have any knowledge of the problems of smart growth and urban growth boundaries, if not for blogs and articles from Randal O’Toole, Wendell Cox, Dr. Peter Gordon, Dr. Richard Morrill, Dr. William Fischel, and many others.  Click Here for my list of web pages of Professors who are opposed and/or skeptical of smart growth and light rail.

You can also find Randal O’Toole all over You Tube, and he frequently appears on national talk radio.

Please forgive me for discussing ratings, however, all writers and photographers want to make money.  If you’re lucky, high ratings on a blog can lead to a successful journalism or writing career.

I’d be glad to write something for your editorial page.  Please make me an offer for any photographs that you like, and I’ll send you the full resolution, unedited, images .

Editors:  Please leave a note with your contact information on any of the comment boxes following any of the posts, and it will arrive in my email box.

Libertarians Oppose Urban Planning and Zoning in General

Furthermore, since I am an Independent, and do not present  a “Libertarian” pardigm like Randal O’Toole, then I believe that my viewpoints will reach a broader audience, irregardless of political affiliation, on your Editorial pages.

For example, I have very few issues with things that Libertarians sometimes don’t like, such as zoning, labor unions, more parks, bike lanes, expanding open space, greenbelts, organic gardens, permaculture, mountain bike trails, and land trusts for conservation.

My primary motivation in writing this web site could be described in many ways, but it’s partially inconsistent with the “Live and Let Live” attitude of The Libertarians.

Both the Libertarians, along with the Democrats and Republicans, and the proponents of “smart growth” have failed to effectively advocate and implement the following. I have discussed this in my thesis post, and in many other places on this web site –

1) aesthetically pleasing housing design within attractive, green low density neighborhoods, with the mandatory preservation of natural vegetation and other natural features; along with organic farms and passive solar design

2) to demonstrate that the methods of smart growth have profound economic and sociological consequences on the Middle Class, and increase the cost of living, i.e. urban growth boundaries and impact fees.  Smart growth and impact fees have been primarily responsible for our affordable housing crisis, loss of construction jobs, food stamp dependence, expensive apartments that the poor cannot afford, and increasing rates of suburban homelessness due to foreclosures.

Is comparing a Libertarian site against an Independent site an equal comparison?

Absolutely not.  Folks that search the internet for smart growth, light rail, or information on cities are not necessarily looking for political perspectives.  Therefore, to compare sites on smart growth and light rail, one has to put politics aside, and look at the popularity of the subject matter alone.

You’d have to compare the “Google Key Words” for both sites (below).  And, look at the “Categories” to see the subject matter indexed in each post (see below). Furthermore, my site covers the Western US, and Randal O’Toole’s site covers the entire world.  Below, I’ve listed my “Google Key Words” list ever since the site began in 2010; most key words are for places on the West Coast.

And, while Randall O’Toole covers Portland in great detail, I’ve barely mentioned Portland on my site. Instead, I’ve focused on Seattle and Washington State’s issues with smart growth, urban growth boundaries, and light rail.  I’ve also looked at growth in exurban regions, such as Bend, Flagstaff, and Durango, given that Baby Boomer retirees have an increasing preference for exurban small college towns, along with college graduates who prefer not returning to their parents’ overcrowded cities with unaffordable housing, such as Seattle.

Tom Lane Ratings – as of December 23, 2011

Tom Lane https://smartgrowthusa.wordpress.com monthly and annual ratings since January, 2010.

Tom Lane Monthly Ratings – as of December 23, 2011.

Over 32,000 Total Hits from Unique ISP’s since January, 2010.

Tom Lane Monthly Ratings from WordPress, January, 2010 to Dec. 23, 2011. Over 32,000 Hits from Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2011.

Randall O’Toole Ratings, 2011

Randal O'Toole Ratings, to Dec. 23, 2011 From: http://www2.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=http://ti.org/antiplanner/ ... via http://ti.org/antiplanner Accessed: Dec. 23, 2011

Tom Lane Smart Growth USA Subject Categories:

Note: You can always visit the sidebar for this list where it’s entitled  – “Smart Growth USA Index: Click for Photos and Topics,” to click a subject of interest to you, in the list repeated below.

You may also click on any of the categories below, from the same list.

Smart Growth USA Index: Click for Photos and Topics:

Agriculture / Horticulture Air Pollution Albuquerque Appreciation Arizona Ashland Australia Bellevue Bellevue Square Bend Bicycling Big Box Stores Bike Accidents Bike Lanes Bike Safety Bike Trails Black Diamond Bonney Lake Boulder Breckenridge Building a Better Bellevue Burien Bus Rapid Transit California Cave Creek City of Normandy Park Climate Change Colorado Commuting Corvallis Creative Class Creativity Democrats Density Denver Deschusets County Des Moines DLCD Dubuque Durango Durango CO Ellensburg Eminent Domain Enatai Enumclaw Eugene Eugene OR ………. Exurbs Farmland Preservation Federal Lands Flagstaff Foreclosures Forestry Fort Collins Frank Lloyd Wright Global Warming Gravelscaping Guerneville High Valley Hilltop Housing Affordability i-1125 Impact Fee Impact Fees Interactive Maps Issaquah Issaquah Highlands James MacIsaac P.E. Juniper Ridge Kemper Freeman Engineering Studies Kemper Freeman Jr. King County Kirkland Kittitas County La Plata County Comprehensive Plan Las Vegas Leapfrogging Lee County Lifestyle Centers Light Rail Manhattan Village Maple Valley Mark Levin Mass Transit May Valley Medford Medina Mirrormont Mixed Use Mountains to Sound Greenway Natural Gas Neighborhood Association Newcastle New Mexico News and Commentary New Zealand Normandy Park Oregon Patents Philosophy Phoenix Pioneer Square Placitas Politics Portland Public-Private-Space Public Safety Puget Sound Regional Council Richmond Beach Rich vs. Poor Ron Sims Russian River Sammamish San Francisco Santa Fe Santa Rosa Scottsdale Seattle Sebastopol Sedona Snoqualmie Solar Sound Transit Sparks Sunset Valley Farms Superstar Cities Talus TGM Tiger Mountain Tim Eyman Todd McKittrick Tom Lane Thesis Transfer of Development Rights Tree Ordinance Tri-Cities Uncategorized Upzoning Urban Growth Boundaries Windmills You Tube

Additional Pages …

2012 Ratings – All Anti-Smart Growth and Anti-Light Rail Sites Should Triple in the Ratings

In 2012, the housing market will remain stagnant, unemployment will remain in double digits, and all sites dedicated to promoting job and “quality green” construction growth should expect increasing ratings in 2012.  My ratings doubled from 2010 to 2011. I expect them to more than double in 2012, and I’m sure that Randall O’Toole’s will do the same.  Also, watch for more books that are both pro-sprawl, and anti-sprawl, and others that may advocate for alternative more desirable approaches, such as my favorites – Permaculture, Passive Solar Design, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Broadacre Concept.

Furthermore, sites will increase for technical reasons.  For example, as bloggers discover more controversial planning issues in more cities, then they will write about more cities. This will lead to more google search terms recorded on their site (see my list below, for 2010-2011) –

Tom Lane Search Terms from January 2010 to December 2011

  • Provided from http://wordpress.com
  • Note: This list does not include people who emailed post links to each other.
Search Views
smart growth usa 351
“tom lane” and “seattle” 149
“tom lane” and “smart growth” 145
kemper freeman light rail 130
tom lane smart growth 94
yes 1125 83
why is san francisco so expensive 81
smart growth 75
seattle smart growth 70
smartgrowthusa 65
pine forest 63
low density housing 54
kemper freeman sound transit 51
“tom lane” seattle 51
kemper freeman jr bellevue wa 47
rich suburbs 46
smart growth seattle 46
bend oregon 41
winter flowering heathers 38
kymak 38
crashed bicycle 36
yes on 1125 36
bend ugb 33
todd mckittrick normandy park 33
ashland oregon 30
“smart growth” and “seattle” 30
dark alley 29
seattle urban growth boundary 28
kemper freeman 26
wide street 24
yes on i-1125 24
mckittrick normandy park 22
todd mckittrick 21
pine tree forest 21
bend urban growth boundary 21
dead rabbit 21
todd mckittrick city council 21
“kemper freeman” and “light rail” 20
kemper freeman i-1125 20
why are cities so expensive 20
downtown bend 19
bill wattenburg 18
bend vs boulder 18
upzoning 17
brown grass 17
leading church bodies 2010 16
сосновый лес 15
downtown bend oregon 15
smart growth tom lane 15
yes i-1125 15
mckittrick city council 15
mormons map 15
bend, oregon 15
shelli zulauf 14
wide streets 14
“smart growth usa” 14
randall pozdena smart growth economic impact 14
issaquah highlands 14
kymak boyd 13
issaquah 13
nice neighborhood 13
“tom lane” and “smart growth usa” 13
eugene oregon 13
oregon timber industry 13
kemper freeman bellevue wa 13
smartgrowthusa.wordpress.com 13
“seattle” and “smart growth” 13
“smart growth” and “tom lane” 13
smart growth usa tom lane 13
“richard whitman” and “oregon” 13
chase bank bend oregon 12
corvallis oregon 12
durango colorado 12
downtown bend or 12
smartgrowthusa wordpress 12
gravelscaping 12
coulon park 12
smart growth cartoon 11
smart urban growth 11
desert landscaping 11
against smart growth 11
exurban counties 11
i-1125 11
stonescaping 11
urban growth boundary 11
poor schools in america 11
“tom lane” flagstaff 11
cheryl howard bend oregon 11
east link 1125 11
why are cities so expensive? 10
big box usa 10
smartgrowth usa 10
sammamish plateau 10
bellevue 10
landscaping pinyon 10
exurban 10
percs traffic signals 10
mountain biking growth 9
downtown park 9
kittitas valley 9
smart growth and tom lane 9
smartgrowthusa.wordpress 9
agricultural society 9
seattle streets 9
lane county extension service 9
residential street 9
bellevue square mall 9
bob brinker radio 9
downtown bellevue 9
bob brinker 9
fort lewis college campus 9
what is low density housing 9
bellevue light rail 9
oregon timber harvest 9
mckittrick normandy park city council 9
safeway bellevue 9
arizona desert landscape 9
bellevue downtown park 9
maps that show population 9
traffic calming 8
snoqualmie ridge 8
oregon timber prices 8
poor school in america 8
iga grocery 8
agriculture 8
flood evacuation route signs 8
high density housing 8
portland urban growth boundary 8
kroger map 8
california democrat oppose smart growth 8
anti smart growth 8
bend smart growth 8
liz dunn seattle 8
snoqualmie ridge construction 8
cota trail sign 8
“smart growth” seattle 8
smart growth photos 8
boulder colorado smart growth 8
bear sculpture 7
“andrew d atkin” 7
urban sprawl reno 7
tom lane seattle 7
bend oregon snow 7
richard whitman dlcd 7
old growth forest 7
boulder vs bend 7
twin buttes durango 7
bellevue square skybridge 7
boulder colorado urban growth boundary map 7
cheryl howard bend or 7
smart growth australia 7
“todd mckittrick” normandy park 7
low density mixed use 7
bellevue population 2011 7
why are cities more expensive 7
light rail lawsuit kemper 7
kemper freeman jr 7
cookie-cutter homes 7
lane county agriculture 7
lifestyle center 7
i-1125 kemper 7
unincorporated king county map 7
townhomes oregon 7
no on initiative 1125 7
“la plata county comprehensive plan” 6
transportation planning 6
twin buttes durango colorado 6
normandy park eminent domain 6
kemper freeman transit 6
oregon map rural area 6
cookie cutter houses 6
seattle washington population growth 6
smart growth in seattle 6
dangerous alley 6
smart growth cities 6
indigo apartments eugene 6
waterfall 6
high density residential 6
snoqualmie ridge smart growth 6
bend oregon old mill 6
14 ft wide white sidewalk path 6
fallingwater house plan 6
bellevue washington flickr 6
narrow streets in seattle 6
smart growth cartoons 6
fred meyer logo 6
street trees 6
lake sammamish state park, issaquah, washington, united states 6
new urbanism sidewalks 6
kemper freeman mass transit 6
durango co storefronts photos 6
density housing 6
jake segrest 6
flagstaff az 6
fort lane oregon 6
whitman park philadelphia public housing controversy 6
bike lane toronto 6
high density neghborhood 6
сосновый бор 6
arizona neighborhood 6
sound transit kemper freeman 6
kirk bashore 6
poverty rate 2010 6
pine forest background 6
nice street 6
smart growth statistic 6
cost of living map 2010 6
baca grande colorado 6
meydenbauer bay bellevue 6
street tree 6
native oregon trees 6
urban road 6
randall arendt 6
oregon neighborhood 6
kemper freeman seattle 6
urban construction development 6
exurban migration 6
high point townhomes seattle 6
ugly transit stations 6
crashed bike 6
ashland oregon photos 6
issaquah highlands 2011 6
photos of kemper freeman jr bellevue wa 6
2010 census rural vs. urban population growth 5
vision 40 puget sound region 5
kemper i-1125 5
traffic calming along trail 5
population density us 2010 5
agriculture extension 5
map of rural areas 5
palm springs mountains 5
smart growth surveys 5
normandy park for todd 5
yes on initiative 1125 5
new mexico crash site 5
suburbs usa 5
urban sprawl 5
frisco colorado 5
dubuque iowa 5
low-density housing 5
smart growth principles 5
“snoqualmie ridge” “old growth” 5
smart growth usa eugene 5
normandy park smart growth 5
downtown bellevue park panoramic 5
photos normandy park fall 2011 5
city promotion mountain biking 5
denver growth boundary 5
high desert oregon 5
fast road 5
parked cars 5
sprawl 5
bend oregon vs flagstaff az 5
typical street los angeles 5
curb extension 5
kemper freeman rail 5
exurban map 5
smart housing 5
imba logo 5
bend oregon vs ft collins co 5
is there a limit for urban growth 5
fort lewis college housing 5
smart growth usa kemper freeman 5
tammie boxx deady candidate statement 5
natural vegetation 5
oro valley arizona 5
downtown bend, oregon 5
tall pine forest 5
natural gas pipeline map oregon 5
“tom lane” mckittrick 5
roundabout 5
arizona landscaping ideas 5
bend oregon urban growth boundary 5
“kemper freeman” 5
kymak.html 5
kemper freeman sues 5
fred meyer 5
“kemper freeman” and “mass transit” 5
flagstaff sawmill bike crits imba 5
cave creek az 5
southern oregon mountains 5
public bicycle transit system layout 5
urban planner seattle wa jobs 5
sound transit bellevue light rail 5
smith brothers dairy 5
cost of living map 5
clearview development, talent, or 5
activspace zoo 5
smart growth 2011 5
durango colorado growth boundary 5
yes i 1125 5
controlling growth by urban growth boundaries 5
map of usa and smart growth/corridors 5
northwest crossing, bend, oregon 5
residential street trees 5
la plata county, community, farmers market 5
desert city 5
durango growth management 5
thomas sowell smart growth 5
poverty in usa 2010 5
fort lewis college 5
issaquah highlands pictures 5
eugene oregon smart growth 5
enatai newcastle 5
richard whitman oregon 5
“normandy park” and “sub area” 5
stacia jenkins normandy park 5
pictures of issaquah highlands community garden 5
talent oregon 5
“boulder” and “smart growth” 5
seattle townhomes 5
birth rate oregon 5
yes to 1125 5
smart growth in boulder 5
harvested wood product case study 5
seattle impact fees 5
census rural population map 5
“tom lane” sedona 5
smart growth in usa 4
southern oregon university bike shelters 4
king county map 4
townhouses in rural minnesota 4
what other towns is bend oregon most like 4
crashed bicycle pictures 4
mercer slough nature park 4
smart growth cottages 4
snoqualmie ridge shopping 4
growth corridors 4
flagstaff arizona 4
timber condos 4
smart growth thesis 4
smart growth is not smart 4
creative class counties 4
population growth in rural areas 4
highest cost of living cities 4
map rural housing growth 4
kymak architecture 4
albuquerque loss of farmland map 4
urban growth 4
bellevue beach earth 4
newcastle land zoning map 4
ashland oregon politics 4
the growth management act and affordable housing professor daniel warner of western washington university 4
todd mckittrick seattle 4
zoning in king county washington 4
map rural areas 4
“sound transit” 4
washington homes 4
hate change 4
denver urban sprawl 4
rural area maps 4
i-1125 light rail 4
bellevue population density: why kemper 4
myurbanist 4
san luis obispo aerial 4
seattle forests 4
who should pay for smart growth 4
todd mccrittick campaign 4
normandy park city council elections 4
bike tourism 4
eugene urban growth boundary 4
kemper freeman engineering 4
las vegas smart growth 4
genoa, nv fault 4
census 2010 map 4
zoning map for king county washington 4
why are big cities so expensive 4
vote yes on i-1125 4
john vanlandingham oregon 4
urban growth trend maps u.s. 4
rural sprawl 4
pam marsh ashland 4
kemper freeman going green 4
chicago smart growth 4
urban growth boundary eugene oregon 4
what do homes look like in green lake, seattle 4
growth boundary for durango colorado 4
durango, co high density 4
issaquah highlands community garden 4
colorado state trust lands 4
albuquerque urban growth boundary 4
smart growth usa seattle 4
baby boomer college town 4
colored bike lane 4
“tom lane” and “normandy park” 4
smart i-box 4
initiative 1125 vote results 4
405 i 90 4
issaquah alps 4
raised crosswalks 4
neighborhood dusk 4
“grant thrall” florida -ulysses -” in thrall” -” in the thrall” -middletown 4
neighborhood streets 4
university of colorado at boulder 4
nice house 4
superstar cities 4
alternatives to smart growth 4
mormon map 4
issaquah highlands traffic 4
urban infilling 4
smart cars in oregon 4
best sims 3 neighborhood 4
seattle urban growth pattern 4
map of rural area in cantonment 4
king county urban growth boundary 4
city of seattle proposition no. 1 4
2011 seattle zoning for tiny houses 4
creative class map usda 4
portland oregon urban growth boundary 4
is snoqualmie ridge a exurb 4
2010 census map of growth 4
downtown parks 4
westin hotel bellevue wa 4
tree stumps 4
smart growth usa bend 4
federal poverty rates 2010 4
seattle urban growth boundary map 4
northwest crossing bend 4
“bend ugb” 4
cave creek arizona 4
neighborhood alley 4
seattle washington smart growth 4
boulder smart growth 4
tom lane 4
bellevue downtown 4
lane county extension service eugene oregon 4
pilot butte bend oregon 4
2 hour drive to work 4
indigo apartments eugene or 4
“yes on i-1125” 4
mountains to sound greenway land ownership 4
puget sound area population growth 4
rural housing poverty puget sound 4
“kemper freeman” and “mormon” 4
how many states in usa have smart growth projects under-way? 4
old growth 4
smart growth bike trails in us cities 4
politicians that support smart urban growth 4
https://smartgrowthusa.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/call-for-enivonmental-and-human-rights-groups-to-oppose-smart-growth/ 4
eastern washington state “smart growth” project 4
“smart growth usa” and “tom lane” 4
against smart groiwth 4
us map poverty 2010 4
low density seattle 4
smart urban growth pictures 4
albert saiz 4
smart growth pictures 4
regional and map and dropouts rural 4
washington state population map 4
gravel residential streets 4
durango, co vs bend, oregon 4
new approaches needed smart growth 4
smart growth usa kemper 4
smart growth and setbacks 4
two lane road 4
eugene extension service 4
bend oregon baby boomers 4
kroger maps 4
columbia gorge wind power 4
“tom lane” 5 acres or five feet 4
growth 4
bend fred meyer 4
2010 poverty rate 4
mixed use housing 4
road setbacks 4
boulder urban growth boundary 4
durango organic farm 4
durango smart growth 4
large suburb housing developments 4
is bend oregon a biking town 4
photography mountain downtown bellevue 4
basketball hoop side view 4
san diego california urban growth boundary 4
bellevue square elevator 4
big box stores in bend oregon 4
tom lane smart 4
“doug osterman” lawsuit 4
issaquah highlands community gardens 4
grass edge 4
kemper freeman 1125 4
chase oregon expansion 4
seattle growth over time maps 4
oregon ugb 4
2010 census shows rural areas 4
normandy park wa history 4
global transportation planning 4
oregon free land 4
bend oregon vs boulder co 4
sammamish redmont 4
bootleg canyon mountain bike park 4
richard whitman bend 4
bellevue downtown washington 4
denver urban growth boundary 4
austin, texas urban sprawl 4
vote i1125 4
interstate 90 4
smart growth parking 4
new sec tac airport improvements, light rail 4


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